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Own Texas Rangers History

Own your own set of Real Texas Ranger Posters.  These are group pictures of various Rangers set throughout Texas Ranger history.

Set One includes five posters in the set.  All are ready to be framed and have a listing of each Ranger in the picture on the reverse of each poster.  $12.00 plus S/H $7.95


Set Two is a single large poster 10x16 ready for framing.  This poster shows infamous Texas Rangers like "Whispering Tom" Mayfield, and others.  The names of the Rangers is listed on the reverse of this poster.  $16.00 plus S/H of $7.95

Trading Cards

1st  Set - 16 various collector cards in set for $8.50 plus S/H of $5.95.

2nd Set - 16 numbered cards in a set for $8.50 plus S/H of $5.95

Or get both sets for $15.00 plus S/H of $5.95

Each set is packaged in a rustic
looking bag with the Texas Ranger’s badge logo on the front of the bag.

And each card has a picture of a Ranger on one side and interesting facts and history on the back.